FRG Donation Policy

     We are committed to the donation of 5% of all sales from your unit gear towards the FRG fund for your unit. Please verify with your local legal authorities for acceptance requirements. Brigade Outfitters bears no responsibility for illegally accepted funds or mishandled accounts according to the appropriate regulations of your organization.

     Donations are calculated and payed out via mail in check at the end of every fiscal quarter. Brigade Outfitters Customer Service will reach out to the phone number provided on store set up (Staff Duty or CQ recommended) to verify mailing address of the FRG account holder. Once verified, a confirmation email will be sent to the fund manager and the unit commander. All contact information is securely stored and will not be shared with any other organization under any circumstance. The contact information provided is used exclusively for donation pay outs, store set up and product edits.

     Annual Donation contributions are limited to $1,000 per FRG Fund. Earned donations will continue to roll over for a period of three years of maximum donations. At that point, Brigade Outfitters Customer Service will make contact with the unit and request a charitable, military based organization to donate the excess funds to.

     At any time, the store organizer or organization commander may request that donations be sent to another charitable organization.